Something about the design thinking of the front-end of this Joplin forum

Hello, respected forum participant:

I am curious about something about the design thinking of the front-end of this Joplin forum, in this instance/this post, I am, specifically, curious about the design thinking to "setting automatically closed" as shown as below screenshot of a recent thread that I added to my "Likes Given" list.

I am curious about the issue because I had liked quiet a few threads in this forum (refer to my list of "Likes Given"), and I would really like to add some of my input rather than creating a new thread or else. I have had curiosity about aforementioned issue for quiet some time, further more, I noticed that there are more than 10 millions Google search results involving "forum automatically closed" issue,


then I figured, since I am curious about this for quiet some time in this forum, and I am just one of many who is curious about this, so I created this thread. I hope someone who knows can shed some light about it.

I'm assuming that since Joplin is in active development (Yay!) the thinking goes that after two months whatever issue someone was having will have changed enough to need a whole new thread.

I believe that you can DM the mods and they can open threads.

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Really? How can I be sure of this?

BTW, Thanks for your reply.

You could send a DM to @moderators and ask.

Personally, I'm also not a fan of closing feature-related topics. Issues and bug reports that have been long fixed, sure, but I find it often beneficial and very helpful to be able to follow a long discussion on a particular feature, either in order to learn about it, or to propose alternative fixes or workarounds.

There can be different approaches, e.g. on Syncthing forums support topics are automatically closed after 30 days of inactivity, but feature topics stay open forever.

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The features aren't officially tracked here so there isn't any issue with opening a new topic. It becomes fairly clear if there is a desired feature that would be of interest to implement in which case an enhancement issue is tagged on the Joplin repo.

As already said the locking mainly serves to stop people opening 3 year old topic adding support for a new feature when in fact said feature has been implemented for 2 years already. Or trying to tack on a related feature to an existing one. If needed then topics can merged to an existing one.

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I think locking threads is fine, and I've never had a problem with this. In the above case, though, people just start a new thread. But you can't fix all problems ¯\_(ツ)_/¯