Joplin Server Docker: Data persistent after update?


I had a view on Joplin server some month ago. As far as I can remember in the official docker Image the data was not persistent at this time, and data got lost after an update.

For the official Joplin Server docker file, is the data safe and persistent to do updates e.g. with watchtower?


Yes, it's persistent if you use a named volume/bind mount for the database. Use the example docker-compose file to get it right. Back up your data beforehand.

Doing automatic updates with watchtower has not caused any issues so far for me. You still might want to do regular db dumps as a backup routine in case anything goes wrong.

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Thanks, so if I go with the sample docker compose file and use the path stated in it, I should be safe?

Yes, perfectly.

Using Nginx Proxy Manager as a reverse proxy, what do I have to enter here:


If I want to run it finally as I have to enter this here, haven't I?

you should probably change that in your .env file but you're right. I would put (with protocol) there but I'm not sure whether or not this is required.

ok thanks, but I think with docker, it is not needed to touch the env file, afaik

You can also put it directly into your docker-compose.yml.

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