Weeks should not start on Sunday 🤔


It doesn't bother me that much on a daily basis, but the suggested calendar for selecting a reminder/deadline includes weeks that start with Sunday. I would like them to start on Monday.
Is there any way to fix this?

Joplin 2.5.12 (prod, linux)


As long as the option remains for starting the week on Sunday (since the work week here in Bangladesh is Sun-Thu).

Yes, of course my idea is that you can choose... like in most software.


and it should default to OS preference.

This looks like a feature request (selectable week start). I personally like my weeks to start on the traditional Sunday (at least for my neck of the woods), but I understand that people would like a choice.

If you want this I suggest you propose it under feature request.


Yes, we should have the choice because the traditional Sunday is not traditional everywhere :wink:

I'd definitely accept a pull request for that, although it's the first time it comes up so it doesn't seem to bother many people.


Please don't cherry-pick. That is why I said:

That said, I agree that the choice would be good, and appreciate laurent's response.

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Yes I admit to being a bit of a tease tonight :wink: I agree with you on Laurent's answer. I regret not being able to do it myself... I'd need a little more time to learn and get started :roll_eyes:

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Gah! It's bad enough when my brother and sister (especially my sister) get me going and then say, "easy, I was just joking!" when they realize I'm actually getting worked up! :open_mouth:

Ah well, I know I'm too serious, but it is who I am.

I think it'd be worth someone who wants it opening a feature request and seeing if anyone is interested and has the time to take it on. I'm currently trying to reduce, not increase, my to-do list else I might be convinced to volunteer.

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