Week 7 Report

Over the past week

Image editor demo (still very much a work-in-progress).

This week


@personalizedrefriger, I've now released a pre-release with your editor changes:

One thing I've noticed however is that the toolbar doesn't show up at all, at least on Android.

Another issue is that the editor sometimes opens blank, even on an existing note. This is unfortunately quite random and I wasn't able to replicate it with any specific note in particular. I assume it's some race condition, perhaps the editor not being fully ready when a command is executed.

Edit: Ok I've just realised that the command are only keyboard activated. Do you plan to add the toolbar next?

Yes! That's next.

Where you like me to put bug reports for this feature, on GitHub directly?

Another issue I've noticed related to selection:

  • If I long press on a word, the word is selected but the context menu (with copy, select all, etc) doesn't appear

I'll enable issue reports on my fork of the repository later today. For now, posting them here/on GitHub is fine.

I've created an issue: CodeMirror/Android editor: Long press on a single word doesn't open the context menu. · Issue #1 · personalizedrefrigerator/joplin · GitHub