Webdav sync with my own NAS , curious problem using ddns

I use my own NAS as a webdav destination for Joplin , the address is :

( tpddns.cn is a free ddns service by my TP-link router)

It works very fine in my macbook Joplin , perfect sync ,quick and accurate.

But so curious , I COPY the exact address to my iphone , it doesn't work , when run "check synchronisation configuration" ,it shows "network request failed" error.

about this problem , I post before in Synchronisation works fine on MAC , but failed on IOS (webdav), but no useful answer .

One day coincidentally ,I find if I change the domain name to real-time IP address, it works fine in iphone,
like this :

I can't do this operation all the time because the IP changes every 20-30 hours due to my ISP , that's why I need a ddns services to access my NAS on public-net-environment.

so why ? I am so y curious , and how to solve this problem?

macos: catalina 10.15.4
joplin mac version : 2.9.17
joplin ios version:12.10.5

thanks for your kind answer :wink:

Some guy in other forum reply me that this maybe caused by https problem , they said maybe IOS can only through https but not http.

Could this problem can solved by IOS version's update ?

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