[Web Clipper] add feature of removing line numbers of code block when clipping

I am trying to clip some tech posts which have code blocks, and some of the posts have line numbers in the code blocks.

I know its hard to distinguish line numbers and codes. The feature I am requesting is not automatically detects line numbers but clip what it is currently showing up on the page. Ignore anything that have display as none.

I had modified the css of the page I am clipping to make the line number to "display:none;" inside browser console. But the joplin web clipper plugin still clip the line numbers into code blocks!
After clip, I saw the page has marked the line number as hidden, but what web clipper clipped contains line numbers.

clipped, see the line numbers....:

Page url: linux驱动开发----如何看懂LINUX驱动代码_linux驱动代码怎么看_嵌入式小胖的博客-CSDN博客