We aren't the professionals? Where is the Documentation?[Gsoc-2020]

Hi everyone,

I didn’t found the documentation of the Joplin Coding anywhere. I know this has been discussed many time in the community but nobody has taken any action till yet.

Example this post Let's Discuss Improving Documentation and Styling Guidelines To Help New and Old Contributors

I would like to mention to Mr.@laurent, Community and Gsoc’s Team that we aren’t professional and most of us are just beginners(noobs). We joined the gsoc for improvement, learning and working on real world softwares. We need guidelines/mentors to works with. And obviously beginners ask basic questions again and again.

I would like to implement new features in Joplin, improve the Joplin and making it more user friendly then ever. Even I created this layout and submitted in my proposal as well.

But it will be really hard without Guidelines, Documentations and Help.

Documentation will make our life much easier. It will save everyone’s time and boost the development as well

Where I stucked?
Till yet I installed the Joplin and setup the development environment.
First thing I want to do is organised the Settings. I found the Setting.js file in lib/model/ but I didn’t able to figure out how to change the css. There are 2 css files mentioned in setting.js. But I didn’t able to found these files anywhere.

JOPLIN_APP: 'userchrome.css',
RENDERED_MARKDOWN: 'userstyle.css',

One more thing, I want to modify the CSS of setting, Are these the right files to modify css?

Is there any structure of files in Joplin that you guys have and that I missed to found out?

All I found are these docs

For GSOC students I have created a Discord group so we all can discuss out queries and help each other. You can Join Here https://discord.gg/n8eYqrp

Hey @giteshsharma,

Joplin has one of the best and easy to understand codebase I’ve ever seen. Joplin has a really good structure and it has a lot of features. And the team is constantly trying to improve Joplin.

Also, It is clearly mentioned where the location of the files are here. And that too on the front page. Also, if you open the app, it is there under the appearance tab.


Hey @rabeehrz,

It is clearly mentioned where the location of the files are here. And t

So As you said I checked them, but looks like these files are for user to customize the Joplin.
Isn’t it?
I want to modify it as a developer. Probably these aren’t the file I need to modify as developer.

Joplin has one of the best and easy to understand codebase I’ve ever seen

As I said I am noob and most the gsoc students are too.

If you post what you need in the forums, there are a lot of people ready to help you. Just ask. :sweat_smile:

The CSS you want to edit resides in ElectronClient/themes.js.

One thing though, it doesn't matter whether you are a noob or not. All that you really need to do is to fiddle around with the code, understand the flow of data, study the imports and dependencies and maybe just search for bits of code in your editor. No software in the world is written documenting its entire workflow, and even less so in the open source world. And as @rabeehrz said, Joplin has amongst the cleanest and easiest to understand codebases.

And then again, GSoC is meant to be competitive as well. Every mentor at least expects you to be able to find your way through the code at a minimal level. Also, no one develops FOSS professionally. Many are not even professional coders or even has a CS background. They develop because they love what they are doing and they love what they are developing and want to improve it. This is where open source development differs from closed source development (aka professional development).

At the end of the day, it is always more productive to wrestle with the code than whine in the forum.


Yeah I agree with all of that and I figured out the way files are connected.