Warning "This item is currently encrypted"

I was setting up my profile backup following this comment

I'm not using e2ee so I commented out the line $JOPLIN_BIN e2ee decrypt

But when I run this I'm getting this message:

This item is currently encrypted: note "4a1d16eef06746adb2abede456e95a06". Please wait for all items to be decrypted and try again.

This does not seem right. Firstly I'm not using encryption and secondly I found this note in dropbox and it's not encrypted - the text is readable and there's no mention of encryption being enabled in the note metadata:

id: 4a1dc42bddd04e529ce21f59d7070159
parent_id: ccf3e7adb9bd4533a6c5d51ff39ec265
created_time: 2014-10-29T08:37:51.000Z
updated_time: 2019-03-24T10:02:29.187Z
is_conflict: 0
latitude: 0.00000000
longitude: 0.00000000
altitude: 0.0000
is_todo: 0
todo_due: 0
todo_completed: 0
source: joplin-desktop
source_application: net.cozic.joplin-desktop
order: 0
user_created_time: 2014-10-29T08:37:51.000Z
user_updated_time: 2014-10-29T08:37:51.000Z
encryption_applied: 0
markup_language: 1
is_shared: 0
type_: 1

Is it just a case of bad logging?