Export encrypted backup file + 2FA?

I can’t create an encrypted backup file – Joplin lets me export my notebooks as JEX, JSON, RAW, MD and PDF files, but all of them save my notes unencrypted. In the case of JEX, for example, I just have to change the extension to ZIP to open all my notes as plain text. Am I missing something?

Standard Notes lets users create encrypted backups. These can be safely decrypted offline with a script they provide (https://standardnotes.org/offline). Does Joplin offer something similar? If it doesn’t, will it be eventually available?

Another question… is there a plan to implement two-factor authentication?

Thank you.

If you are using Dropbox, you can zip away Joplin directory, the notes are encrypted there. This is just a very crude workaround. Only @laurent can answer more in-depth.

2FA for what? Notes are not stored in the app per se. You can add it to your Dropbox or your choice of sync provider.

Some questions related to security were answered here by @laurent.

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But how would they be decrypted?

Wouldn’t the master encryption key work?

Please note that I am just a user and all the answers are either workarounds or speculations.

You can use the command line application to decrypt individual files, as shown here

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Currently there’s no built-in way to do this, and I don’t think there will be since it’s easy enough to do it manually. For example you can export to RAW format then ZIP up the file yourself and provide a password at that time. That can be automated with the command line too.

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