Want to synchronize pdf files in computer and android

I am currently using Joplin from my Desktop and my tablet.
Is there any possible way to reflect the changes that i make in android tablet to my pdf file reflect in the computer pdf file and vice versa?

This is small but powerful improvement cause the ability to sync would imply that i could annotate the research papers better.

Please help??
Ill be saving a lot of time

Please help me understand, is this what you want to do ...

  • edit a PDF on one device
  • add it to Joplin as an attachment to a note
  • sync
  • sync on the other device
  • save the attachment and edit it
    etc etc

Hi thanks for your time.
So the complete situation.
I use Joplin to make summaries of research papers while i study.
Lets assume if i am using Joplin my computer and i highlight some text in pdf file (which is attached in Joplin); and save it (replace the file) the change will be reflected in my android device.

But the other way round is not possible.
ie i cannot make changes in android as it is stored as a read only file.
If i could, i could maybe sketch and write handwritten notes on the paper from my android tablet; which is a very useful feature.

I hope i was able to explain you all the details. Is there any work around for this??

Once again thanks

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There is, but it's quite cumbersome, so I think your point is valid and should be addressed by the devs at some point in the future:

Edit your note on mobile, delete the Markdown link pointing to your PDF, attach file, select your edited PDF in Android's file system

It works if you do that, but considering androids shitty file system, is there any other way out??