Joplin Android - Cannot edit attachment

On Joplin Android, when I open a PDF attachment with an external editor (Foxit PDF, Xodo), make some changes to it, I cannot save the attachment. Both editors complain that the file is read-only. It seems that Joplin lets the editor cache the file, but then the editor cannot return it to Joplin. Is this expected behavior or some limitation of Android (sandboxing)?

I've also tried other file formats, such as pptx, but these are read-only as well.
When I checked the permissions for Joplin Android, I noticed it had no access to the file system, so I gave it permission but it had no effect.


Joplin version: 2.1.4
Server: Joplin Server (beta)
Platform: Android
OS specifics: version 11
Phone: Pixel 4a

Steps to reproduce

  1. In Windows, generate a single page PDF in Word
  2. Add PDF to Joplin Windows
  3. Sync Joplin with server
  4. Open attachment in Joplin Android
  5. Scribble some changes
  6. Try saving the attachment, but can't save

Describe what you expected to happen

Save changes to an attachment


Nothing related in log file

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I think it may be possible, it's just not implemented in Joplin

Thanks Roman. I searched the forum and Github thoroughly before posting my query here. Is there any documentation on the android app that mentions this?

I don't think so.

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From what I can gather from "", Joplin only sends the file as an attachment to any program that opens them with ACTION_SEND. Would it be possible to add the ACTION_EDIT intent such that we can edit these attachments as well? This would open up some possibilities for digitizer input as well.

SharePackage handles sharing to Joplin but your general idea is correct.

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