Wanaka UI - Joplin (pre-release) 2.10.6 New Note display


Every since installing Joplin (pre-release) 2.10.6, the floating buttons for new note do not display, when using Wanaka UI (GitHub - benji300/joplin-wanaka-ui: Simple and clean theme for Joplin's desktop application.). They are replaced with the normal UI layout. I believe it is because there was a new implementation of the New Note button(s), but am not sure.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Or, revert back to the prior implementation, to allow for the Wanaka UI floating buttons to function?

Thank you

@ButterflyJoe welcome to the forum.

It looks like this issue has been raised on the GitHub repo for the plugin maintainer.

You did not mention what OS you are using but if you want to revert to an earlier version of Joplin that works with that plugin just install the earlier version again. All versions of Joplin can be found here.

Sorry about that! The OS is Windows.

I did try to revert back to a prior version, but was hit with a snag. I simply installed a working prior version over top of the latest one that I had installed, without uninstalling. (I know it is not best practice, but I wanted to give it a shot)

It resulted in errors, when starting Joplin, forcing me to reinstall the latest pre-release.

Is there a checklist or easy way to backup all settings and plugins, so that I can uninstall Joplin, then reinstall the working version, and get back up to speed with minimal downtime?


Apologies if there is a guide to revert back to a prior version and fully restore all notes and settings (including plugins), but I am not aware of one.

Just bumping to see if someone could help.


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