Vim mode "o/O" key functionality changed

Previous to this version, if I'm in the middle of a bulleted or check box list, and I hit "o/O" to create a new line above/below the current line, it automatically created a bullet or check box on the new line. Now it just creates a new line at the same level of indentation and I have to create the bullet/check manually.

The previous functionality sped up my workflow significantly, especially when editing a list of check boxes. I'd like to see this reinstated. Although I can still go to the end of the line and hit enter to create the next checkbox list item, it's often more convenient to do so with "o" in the middle of a line.

For information we've now switched to a new editor (CodeMirror) and while we tried to keep the same functionalities, it's possible there are some differences, in particular in special modes like Emacs or Vim.

@CalebJohn, do you know if there's a way to get the useListIdent hook to apply to vim mode too as I guess that's what's missing here?

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I don't know for sure, but I'm pretty sure it would be easy to add. I can take a look this evening.

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Okay the fix for this issue and this one is up on github now!


Thanks so much!