CodeMirror 6 vim mode issues

I moved over to use the CodeMirror 6 in vim mode to address the copy/paste issues detailed in this GitHub issue. Note that I'm on 2.13.13, but since the editor is in beta, this seems like the most reasonable place to put this bug report.

Minor issues:

  • In Normal mode, o does not open up a new line under the cursor. O (capital o) does open a newline above the cursor though. Not sure why that is.
  • In Normal mode, :w does not activate the sync functionality.

Both of these issues worked with CodeMirror 5.

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Thank you for reporting these!

Strangely, I can reproduce the o issue, but only when I'm not running the vimrc plugin.

Interesting. I'm not running the vimrc plugin, so that lines up with my experience.

The o issue should be fixed by Desktop: Fixes #9699: Fix `o` not working in Vim normal mode by personalizedrefrigerator · Pull Request #9700 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

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