"Version history" - can it be linked to iterations instead of # of days?

Can the number of "versions" of a note be a static number or is it only possible to have them linked to expiration after a number of days?

Background - I've been trying to leave Evernote for almost 4 years now, and Joplin seems like a good fit for my needs in every way but one.
The Version History feature that deletes previous versions after a certain number of days.
I mainly use notes apps for poetry and sometimes I won't touch a note for years before going back to edit it, therefore the "last N days" version history feature isn't as useful as a "last 10 versions" feature. I'm wondering if there's a plug-in or a way to change this or if this feature is in development.

I know that I'm a more casual user of notes than some and that my needs may be more niche, but it seems like it would be a good feature since not everyone plans to access and finish with a note within a time period. Granted I'm also not someone who needs the versions to be backdated every few minutes in case of loss, in which case if the program just snapshots those moments to save as opposed to short saves before creating snapshot version saves, I can understand why the system would want to delete every minute version change.

Please let me know.

I've answered here, is that what you're suggesting?

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