Utilizing OneDrive Version History

Recently I was using Joplin and I was typing out some ideas on a note I had. The note consisted of a lot of other text, I was just adding to it. In this process, I was using my Pixel phone to type out some things and somehow the keyboard went haywire and rather than typing a new note, MY PHONE SELECTED ALL OF THE TEXT IN THE NOTE AND OVERWROTE EVERYTHING.

I have an Android and know iPhone has a shake to undo feature. That did not work. I then thought "there must be some way to undo in android thats buried away". Nope, none. You have to have a special keyboard to even consider trying to do an undo operation. I checked the Joplin history and was greeted with "This note has no history".

In a mix of frustration, disappointment, and sadness I accepted the unfortunate results of a mishap with my phone. I would have to be incredibly careful in the future, but it sucked to have so many of my notes deleted in the blink of an eye.

But luckily I had a thought in that instant. My Joplin is set to sync with OneDrive and I know OneDrive has a version history. In desperation, I logged in and navigated to the note which I had been writing. I breathed a sigh of relief when the version history was filled with minute-by-minute changes that were being pushed by my phone. See below (notice when the file size drops significantly).

So I provide this as a helpful tip for those who use OneDrive, but it also got me to wondering. Is there a way to capitalize on this feature with the OneDrive API? To give Joplin the ability to look into version history already being stored by Microsoft to improve the resilience of the application? Just thought I would bring up my experience to generate some discussion.

Joplion has a build in history function:

Thank you for your response.

I am aware of this function, however the history function did not work in this instance. This is what I was referring to in the original post with the message "This note has no history".

Joplin has an undo feature on mobile


Ah, I have never noticed this! What a quick way to resolve my issue. I feel a bit embarassed that it took until now for me to learn about this. (but the good news is I will never forget it is there)

What are the thoughts on simply the OneDrive file versions component? Is there anything Joplin would serve to gain from the version history of Microsoft's system?

As said there is already a history function and the OneDrive history is only available for OneDrive sync and not for all other sync targets.
Therefore, I do not think that such a function will be implemented. But I can also be wrong.

Yes i agree with @JackGruber here, ultimately it won't be up to either of us. But it doesn't seem likely.

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