Using web clipper and having custom icons with multiple instances of Joplin

Hello everyone. Have a happy new year!

Well, I've been using Joplin for months and it's always worked fine for me. The thing is I always needed 2 profiles (a work and a personal) and so I created two .desktop files, each one pointing to a different directory. It's been working fine but this way I just can't use the two profiles simultaneously.

So I saw this comment on github, tried it and it worked. Although being a sort of workaround I can now run two instances of Joplin at same time.

But considering this context I have a couple of questions:

  • Is that possible to change the icon of one of the instances, so that I may quickly differentiate each one on the system tray?

  • Is it possible that each instance have its own icon on the system bar? I had the same issue a while ago with Firefox (also I needed 2 separated profiles) and solved it using different classes on the .desktop file ("StartupWMClass" parameter). But I noticed that it doesn't seem to work with these AppImages. So is there any other way to change the class name of the application, so that it uses different windows in Linux?

  • And the most important. I noticed that the web clipper doesn't work as it should. I mean, it apparently runs on different ports on each Joplin instance and I associate each browser web clipper addon to this corresponding port (in fact, they're running here on ports 411854 and 41185). But when I try to use it I either get a msg saying I have to authenticate (although it's already authenticated) or it tries to use the wrong browser profile. Is there a way to be sure that once associating a Joplin instance with a browser profile it will use only this given profile?

Thanks for any help.

By the way I'm using:

Joplin 2.6.10 (prod, Linux)
SO: Arch Linux

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