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Hi guys,
Which port joplin is using?
Background is, that on my mobile devices (iOS) I’m not able to synchronize with nextcloud via https. I*m using self-signed certificates.
So unfortunately, I have to open my server for commnication with unencrypted http. But I want enable http for joplin only.

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If you didn’t import to your mobile your self-signed certificate as “root CA certificate” too, the system has no way to validate it.
The desktop version has an option “Ignore TLS certificate errors” but I don’t see it on my mobile client (1.0.311 on Android).
maybe you will have to spend time to configure LetsEncrypt for your nextcloud…

Thanks for your reply.

The certificate is defined as root already. And Let’sEncrypt is no alternative, unfortunately.
Do you know which port Joplin is using?

What port? I think you are mixing up several things. Joplin does not use ports. The web clipper service does. And that one has nothing to do with syncing. So I am not sure what you want to know.

If I understand your question correctly the port Joplin "uses" is controlled by the server being used for sync not Joplin itself. If the sync URL for your server starts http:// then Joplin will try to connect using the standard http port (80).

What is telling web browser in your iOS about certificate when you are accessing your nexcloud?