Use Vim as external editor

i wanted to set Vim as external editor, but unfortunately atm i have no idea of how all this Linux argument stuff works and what to fill into this two entry fields under the option “Text editor command” x.x
From other forum posts i rigged this here up:
Path: /usr/bin/vim -n
Arguments: terminator -e vim
but it doesn’t seem to be the right solution. I would be rly happy i someone could tell me the right one or a way to find it >_<

What app? What OS?

Have you tried?
Path: terminator
Arguments: -e vim

That seems like it should work.

sry >_<
I’m using the graphical version of Joplin under Linux Mint Tessa 19.1, so basically Ubuntu.

oh I see how that works… thx n_n
but I think I’ve used the wrong Terminal, I guess I have to look the commands up for the Gnome Terminal x.x
I randomly came accross the name Terminator by tryharding to get it working. I thought thats the name of the Terminal xD

I guess you could use a GUI version of vim, such as GVim or vim-Qt, if passing the arguments to a terminal emulator doesn’t work.

Joplin works with gnome-terminal (I was using it until recently)
Should work with

Path: gnome-terminal
Arguments: -- vim

Not sure if I’m remembering correctly though


oh yes its working with -- vim :joy::smile:
thank u very much! n_n
I was tryharding so hard xD

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How to config in macos?