Unable to use Sarasa Gothic / 更纱黑体 as the editor font?

I dunno if I have written it wrong:

'等距更纱黑体 SC', Consolas, 'Courier New', monospace

What do you see when you try that?

All of the Chinese characters are still displayed in SimSun – the default fallback font for Chinese on Windows. I think that ASCII characters are displayed in Consolas.

On the right in VS Code shows how Sarasa Gothic looks like:

The font config above is copied from VSC so it shall work…

What happens, if you set the Editor font family in settings to:

等距更纱黑体 SC

Did some testing:

Font Family Status
等距更纱黑体 SC Working
‘等距更纱黑体 SC’ Broken
等距更纱黑体 SC, Consolas Broken
‘等距更纱黑体 SC’, Consolas Broken

But Editor Font Family shall be written as how in CSS. Weird😅

I think editor uses the name of the file or folder of the font, that’s why on the first test works.

The font should be just one font (not a list) and indeed it should be without quotes. List of fonts like in CSS currently aren’t supported.