Unable to complete sync with Joplin Cloud due to error

I'm getting the following error on Android while syncing to Joplin Cloud. The sync is unable to proceed.

TypeError: Cannot read property 'size' of null

I am migrating to Joplin Cloud from Dropbox and am about 2/3 through the initial re-sync on this device. I first synced a desktop instance, and then followed up with syncing this Android instance. Both copies were in sync before switching the sync target to Joplin Cloud.

Joplin 2.12.3
Database v43
Android 14

Debug Log Export

I posted this report as a comment in an existing GitHub thread reporting the same error message, but possibly for different reasons. I was concerned it may not get noticed as a comment, and did not want to post a new issue there with a duplicate title.

My GitHub comment on issue #9123

Thank you for reporting this and attaching a log!

I was able to reproduce this by creating a resource, then deleting the file associated with it.

When reading the file, Joplin's file reading code didn't correctly report that the file didn't exist, which broke sync.

This issue should be fixed by the following pull request:

Note: Be aware of this issue if you try to use "Export as JEX" from Android to create a backup.

Thank you for tracking this down and for the heads up on the export issue.

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