Ubuntu 16.04 upgrade problems

I use Joplin-1.0.117 under Linux Ubuntu 16.04 64 bits
Today I wanted to upgrade to version Joplin-1.0.119.
I went to the https://joplin.cozic.net/ page in the Install section and clicked the download link on the Get it on Linux icon. They offered to download the file Joplin-1.0.117. I don’t understand why they offered to download the old version 1.0.117, and not the new 1.0.119?

Good. Then I ran a command in the terminal.

wget -O - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/laurent22/joplin/master/Joplin_install_and_update.sh | bash

After the execution, the inscription appeared in the terminal “Joplin installed in the version 1.0.119”

I go to the program menu and click on the Joplin icon. Launched version Joplin-1.0.117.
Why didn’t start version of Joplin-1.0.119?
Good. I open the directory “/home/user/.joplin/” where the version of Joplin-1.0.119 was downloaded and I type the command"./Joplin.AppImage" in the terminal.
The Joplin program window launches with the proposal to upgrade to version Joplin-1.0.119. I agree and the program is updated.

Joplin is not automatically updated to the new version under Linux.

Another interesting.
I click on the desktop on the old icon from Joplin-1.0.117 and the program window starts with the proposal to upgrade to Joplin-1.0.117.
Strange, how could there be a return to Joplin-1.0.117 if the update Joplin-1.0.119 was installed?
It is not clear where then the program version Joplin-1.0.117 is stored. Hasn’t it been replaced by the Joplin-1.0.119 version?

There is a request to the developers Joplin:

  1. Could you on the page https://joplin.cozic.net/ support the current version of Joplin for download.

  2. Could you do an automatic update of Joplin to the new version under Ubuntu Linux? So that users do not have to manually run the Joplin.AppImage file for updating.

I also wanted to ask. Why is Joplin database stored in the "~ / .conf / Joplin-desktop" directory? Maybe it would be more logical to store the Joplin database in the"~/.joplin" directory?
It would be more convenient to find the base Joplin and make it backup.

Regarding the last point : assuming you backup your ~/.conf anyhow as it’s the location where also other tools put their config data, I’d prefer this rather than having to explicitely take care of ~/.joplin in my backup scenario

Only dicusssion IMHO is if ~/.config or ~/.local should be used for Joplin data (one would expect only configuration stuff below ~/.config)

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