Tweak autonumbering in ordered lists


I am using Joplin Enhancement plugin's numbering autocorrect feature to autocorrect list numbers in the edit panel.
However, as discussed there with the plugin developer, doing so makes the content of the edit panel slightly inconsistent with the render.

I understand from the two links below that what I thought was an autonumbering feature of Joplin is actually markdown's default behavior (markdown render not taking care of figures but only item type such as ordered list item to compute the numbering at rendering stage)

Now I still wonder why:

  1. a line of text not indented and located below an ordered list item (single line break) is considered as part of the list (cf. from point 4 in below sample note)? My view is that it should tell the rendering engine that the list finished with the last ordered list item.
  2. markdown render does not recount sublist ordered items in the same way ?

Could/Should these two behaviors be tweaked in Joplin ?

1. first point (list item alone)
2. second point (list item alone with block content)
    $$ \text{Test ratio} = \frac{\text{Test A}} {\text{Test B}} $$
3. third point (sublist items with various block content cases)
	1. first subpoint (katex case)
		$$ \text{Test ratio} = \frac{\text{Test A}} {\text{Test B}} $$
	2. second subpoint (code blocks case)
		second subpoint code blocks
	3. third subpoint (picture case)
		![third subpoint picture](:/fad71f9cdf9547f1ba3437eab43d902c)
	4. fourth and final subpoint
4.  fourth point (illustrating the problem)
Additional NOT indented text at first level (I expect it to stop the current level of list numbering)
Additional NOT indented text at first level (that does not increment any counter, which is OK)
	Additional indented text without number
	2. second subpoint (or first depending on how we expect it to be counted)
	Additional indented text without number, 
		1. first subsubpoint  
	4. fourth subpoint (or second depending on how we expect it to be counted)
1. fifth and final point

Edit: added sample note