Turn off zebra stripes

Newbie question:

How can I simply turn off zebra stripes from markdown tables?

Joplin 2.8.8 (prod, linux)
Revision: c2a6a13

@andrej welcome to the forum.

I have just quickly tried this with Joplin desktop and it appears to work. Try adding the below to userstyle.css

(If you do not already use it userstyle.css can be accessed using Tools > Options > Appearance > Show Advanced Settings > Custom stylesheet for rendered Markdown)

th, tr {
        background: none !important;

Omit the th, if you still want the header row to have a background colour.


Forgot to add, you need to fully QUIT Joplin (File > Quit) and restart it before any stylesheet changes take effect.

Thank you so much!

It works exactly as you have described. And thank you for the th, detail, this is exactly what I was looking for but I did not want to be too greedy :grinning:

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