Trick to edit Markdown files more easily - Part 2

OS Windows 10
Joplin v. 1.0.179

We open the Markdown file in Joplin with the Visual Studio Code editor, and we convert it to HTML.
Click on View and then on Command Palette or press Ctrl + shift + P and in the search box type Pandoc Render, and turn it into Render as html document.
We right click on the Markdown file and choose Reveal in File Explorer, and it will take us to the folder where Joplin saves the Markdown files and also the HTML.

We open the HTML file with Visual Studio Code, we look for the closing tag </style> that takes us to the body of the document where the paragraphs are, we click on View and on Toggle Word Wrap, and then we right click on the file and in Format Document.

We correct what we want, and save the HTML file, open the file with the browser and re-capture the page with the Joplin extension

Translated with Google Translator and DeepL