Tray Icon Fuzzy

While I like this app I do have one small problem, the tray icon it produces is sometimes fuzzy. Not on all systems mind you but on a machine that used to have windows 10, on the Solus linux that replaced it on said machine and on another Solus running machine the tray icon is fuzzy. I’d say it’s low quality but it looks more like it’s just been stretched or “blown” up.

I have a Solus instance installed on a usb and I don’t have this problem on there. The tray icon is the same size, sharpness and crispness as the taskbar icon that’s present while a Joplin window is opened.

All Solus instances run Budgie as their DE and Windows 10 was well, the typical windows 10. That being said. All version, both the win and linux version were/are the portable version. All currently running desktop version are of the latest 1.0.158 version - appimage version, the problem is nonetheless not new. Frankly I just thought the tray icon was just a shitty quality one until I installed Solus on the USB and found out that no, Joplin can in fact produce a crisp tray icon.

I no longer have a windows 10 install to test anything but on solus, the problem seems to be the taskbar’s size. If I set the Budgie taskbar to be 36px or less the image for the tray icon is crisp, the moment I go over the image “blows” up and becomes fuzzy.

What’s interesting is that the USB uses the same 39px default taskbar width without blowing the Joplin icon out of proportions. Anyone have idea how to solve this, preferably witout having to permanently resize by taskbar to 36px.