To-Do + Pomodoro based on EisenHower Matrix


I currently use notebooks to sort out my work flow.

May be this can be cleaned up and built-in to the App itself. Additionally if we can have a time tracking that is kicked of by two toolbar icons for 25 min focus timer and 5 min break timer. The logs for the timer are appended to the end of the note it self.


I have also dealt with these techniques and find them good. An integration into the app I would also find great, if it is technically possible

I would like it very much and would be great to have the feature integrated into the app

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I implemented some of these techniques inside joplin just using folders with appropriate names. Eisenhower gets one folder with 4 sub-folders. Pomodoro doesn't work well because it's a process that relies on an external timer with 30 minutes; I guess it might work but there is too much effort involved in setting a timer for each 30 minute task, so I never bothered.

Maybe it's just my set up also. I have about 6000 tasks that regularly process on a yearly schedule.

You might propose some sort of a plug-in but I don't think it should be built into Joplin itself.