Thoughts on introducing word stemming into search?

Here are two use cases that I would like joplin's search to be able to find notes for, but currently doesn't:

  • "Scrape" did not return note with "scraper" in it
  • "Inversion" doesn't match "inverted"

From these examples, I've inferred joplin doesn't support stemming.

@laurent, would you be open to a PR that adds stemming support for English? If you don't think it would be a good user experience in all cases, would you be open to having it as a config option and default to off?

Thank you,

It looks like sqlite supports the porter stemming algorithm with FTS5 out of the box. However, at least as of last summer, the joplin devs do not want to move from FTS4 to 5 due to the mobile app dependencies (discussed in this thread).

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