The value of tags vs search

Might be a somewhat philosophical discussion. I've never found value in tags, unless I wanted to count the instances of tags to curate some metrics. I could do the same thing with search, though, assuming you can search across notes, which you can.

Granted, they seem like they make organization neater. But they seem redundant as the tag names are often referenced in the text anyways.

I prefer, I think, being able to pinpoint text occurrences through search rather than bringing up a note tagged with a term that I have to run a note search to find.

Am I the only one? Of are there more strategic uses of tags that I am missing?


Though I never tried to implement this ; one day I was thinking about using tags as an alternative to notebook's name.
e.g suppose I got a mathematical formulae that I belive can help me in programming and also in my mathematics exam so instead of having to add it to two different notebooks named maths and programming I can add two tags to a single note named arbitrarily. :smile:
This was a small (& possibly crazy) usecase i thought of; there must be other uses that experienced note takers will tell us soon in this thread :innocent:

That possibly depends on how specific your tags are.

I kind of use tags to group notes by "theme". This means that notes for an over-arching (and possibly quite broad) subject can be grouped even though they may not share common keywords. If I am looking for a specific note that I know is there I will search. If I am not sure or I am just looking for inspiration I can use the tag to browse the notes of the over-arching subject.

It's sort of like a library. If you know what book you want you can look it up and go straight to it. If you do not have a specific book in mind you can go the the shelves for the subject you are interested in and browse. However with tags the "book" can be present on several different "shelves" at the same time.

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