The mouse pointer doesn't change over the links

Hi. This is a minor issue.

In rich editor mode the links work using the control key, but the mouse pointer doesn't change. It can be a bit confusing.

Thank you.

Joplin 1.7.11
Vivaldi 3.7.2218.49
Windows 10 Version 1909

I guess that's because you'll be able to edit link easily but isn't it highlighted in different colo in rich text editor too for you? Otherwise @roman_r_m can you please throw some light on this? Thanks.

I have no idea, sorry. Never looked at the rich editor.

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Sorry, maybe I didn't explain myself clearly.
In the rich editor the links look like links (different color and underlined).

  1. If I click on a link nothing happens.
  2. If I click and hold down the control key the link works.
  3. My observation is that in both cases (1 and 2) the mouse pointer looks the same. There is nothing to indicate that in case 1 the link will not work and in case 2 it will.
  4. In the MD editor when the cursor passes over a link it changes to a hand as expected; at least in Windows.

I hope I have explained the subject better.
Thank you.
(English is not my mother language)

Thank you @blackzack

I'm not alone! :grin:

Have a nice day.

This can be fixed with custom CSS (userchrome.css):,,,,, {
cursor: pointer;

Also, the wrong plugin dev was summoned. :slight_smile: @CalebJohn is the rich markdown creator. Not sure if this is something that can/should be fixed in the plugin itself.

I believe this is about the behaviour of the WYSIWYG editor. It should be working in my plugin, if not please make an issue on the plugin github page.

Thaks @uxamanda; I´ll try it.

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