The Joplin Desktop snap now experimentally supports ARM64

I've recently had a request to release ARM64 builds for Joplin Desktop as a Snap package, following some recent advances in ARM64 hardware enablement on Linux.

As of today, there's an experiment ARM64 snap package for Joplin alongside my regular X64 package. I'm reasonably confident that it works after having some initial feedback, so thought I'd propose this to the world.

Unfortunately I can't test this myself directly, whereas I'd usually test the X64 releases at least manually first; I have to take on blind faith that the ARM64 packages are working (I.E, proven to build, unproven to run/execute). To this extent, they're experimental and might come with issues, so please let me know if you can, and remember, you can revert an update with sudo snap revert joplin-desktop.

But how do you install the ARM64 snap in the first place? Exactly the same way as usual, either graphically via the app store if your distro supports it, or via sudo snap install joplin-desktop, same as X64. The snap client will determine the correct version automatically.

Joplin-Desktop snap now has some experimental support for Raspberry Pi's, Chromebooks, and those fancy new Macbooks.


Installed via snap in WSL (win11-arm64), works like a charm. The only thing I'd like is to be able to change the font size of the UI.

@bogorad welcome to the forum.

The easiest way to generally increase the UI font is to use the "Zoom In" feature of the "View" menu. The setting is retained between restarts.


Thank you for your suggestion! It solves most of it. The only thing that is still tiny is the 'chrome', but that's not that important.