The Inability of the Mobile Joplin Application to Perform Background Synchronization

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Joplin 2.14.20 (prod, win32)

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What issue do you have?

The mobile Joplin application cannot perform background synchronization. Why, you may ask? The reason for this is not explained by Laurent. This is because our developer is quite open-minded and believes in free software, known for only responding to questions that suit him and ignoring other questions! You can clearly see this attitude and how he disregards the comments of the user named @alexanderadam in the github issue link I will leave below.

Again, an ordinary user, I emphasize, an ordinary user, forks the Joplin application to enable background synchronization. But the application is not working at the moment. So, this solution, which is quite feasible, is ignored by our developer without even bothering to explain, leading to its rejection. Therefore, with 11k notes and slow synchronization, you end up having a phone where you constantly have to keep the screen on. The unbearable lightness of using Joplin...

Nobody asks about it; anything except the first sentence The mobile Joplin application cannot perform background synchronization is redundant. Though it is indeed the issue which would need addressing, this thread adds nothing except the insult against the developer since the issue has been logged already.

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There's not much point responding to the OP at the moment as they are currently suspended. Probably best just to leave this thread alone, let it close and just generally get on with other things.

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