Is Slow Synchronization in Joplin a Manipulation or a Necessity?

Since you're pinging me (and borderline insulting me) for the nth time...

@Medullitus, your posts have been flagged four times as inappropriate (and once as off-topic) and you've also been warned at least in two occasions in the forum about your behaviour.

Recently I didn't say anything because frankly I thought you'd get bored and move on with your life, but clearly that's not going to happen. The fact that you're targeting me specifically means I didn't want to get involved since I'm not the most neutral person to deal with you, not to mention I'm more interested in discussing facts and ideas than paranoid thoughts. However I feel your posts are starting to disturb this forum, and I also no longer want to come here every day and see your daily accusations and insults.

Because of all this, you've now been suspended for 30 days. After that you're free to participate in the forum again, however any behaviour like what's listed below will result in a permanent ban:

  • Personal attacks against other community members
  • Bumping multiple posts to push your opinion
  • Taking over other people posts to complain about barely related issues
  • Conspiracy theories about the project

And if you don't like this, well the internet is big and there are plenty of other places you go can to complain about how life is unfair and how people don't give you enough free stuff.