The greatest drawback of Joplin today

No, unfortunately, I think it’s only Apple ecosystem. I should have mentioned that.

OK, thanks for quick the follow-up!

Just installed it on my Android device a few days ago ... so look again, it is called (you guessed it) ... drafts.

I tried to implement some ideas for features to add notes/todos more quickly on the Joplin mobile app. You can see the previews here:

If there was interest by the community, I would still be williing to work on this, and hopefully have one of these variants be added to Joplin eventually.

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It's not showing up in the Play Store for me. Maybe it's because I'm on Android 13 and the Drafts app doesn't support it yet.

Ever since the OP I am trying to figure out ... impossible OR too much work ?

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Cannot see where this has been asked previous but how about a homepage for the Android mobile app similar to the desktop homepage. Now mine opens to the last notebook that was open.

Thanks and loving the app having moved from Evernote since I retired from work and do not need some of the advanced features Evernote had but even at that may have made the switch as I was not using it for groups which is the direction it seems to be going.

Joplin not slow at all. unless you must find the specific note to start noting. try to change you way of noting. note it, then find a better chance to edit it or put it in the right notebook.