The editor is great but the sync is not

I am in love with the editor that Joplin provides, but the sync features are just not great. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app a dozen times now trying to get things working, and something always goes wrong. I’ve corrupted the database several times and nothing I do will make the encryption & sync features work in tandem.

Why not get rid of the local database / sync database and merge them into one? Let the sync software (Dropbox and friends) handle the syncing and let the note taking software handle the note taking.

Also, the databse is just too delicate. There’s no way this is going to work long-term if the only way to fix database problems is to delete everything and restore from backup. Realistically though, the database needs to be much more robust.

It's unclear what you're doing to have issues. Your post doesn't even mention if you're using it on windows or macos or where. Not sure if you're seeking help or not

I've been wondering about this. Seems like leveraging git would be interesting because that would also keep note history. But I don't really know what that would look like. Problem with using the database for syncing is that the whole file maybe would need to be copied over each time.

With git I could visualize something like storing the note in one file, and meta-data in another. Or use multimarkdown type of tags for the meta-data should work too.

As @joeschmoe said: “Where’s the beef?” Your comment says (to me between the lines):

  • I never have searched the forum to find a solution for my sync problem
  • Therefore I do not know that I am apparently the only one with this problem, because there are no further entries adhoc, which should let me think about »why?«
  • I am annoyed about my problems but I am unable to describe them
  • I am complaining that others are the reason for my problems
  • Instead of investigating my problems, let others change their software, let them do what I think is right, regardless of the fact that many use this software successfully as it is.

I am realy interested in what you are expecting now.