Terminal Markdown Link

Can there be a function or command added to the terminal client that allows the Markdown Link to be copied into the clipboard.

This allows the terminal client to have the same functionality as joplin-desktop.

This feature would be highly useful for linking notes quickly rather than toggling the metadata copying the id and inserting it into a note.

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very useful indeed! Is there really no way to copy the markdown link from joplin cli?

If you are using a mouse then it is easy enough because you can just type tm to toggle the metadata for that note and just copy the id.
Otherwise you can use something like joplin cat -v test | grep "^id: " | cut -f2 -d" " to isolate the ID from the command line.
I think it would be nice if maybe the cat or ls command could have a further option to just output the id alone to make it easy to copy (for example ls -l will give you the short ID and other note data, cat -v will give you everything so maybe something like cat -i could give you just the id.)


Thanks! it works but is still a bit complicated, in my opinion. it would be great to have something like the quicklink plugin for the desktop version

The big difference is that the terminal app doesn't have an editor so I'm not sure how something like that could ever work as the editor itself would need to be able to read the database. Sure, somebody could probably write something like a vim plugin with the data API to implement such a thing but currently what happens inside the editor is different from outside.

I suppose a case could be made for a function that appends the markdown link to the end of the note outside of the editor but personally I think so long as the ID can be easily copied to clipboard then it eliminates most of the issues.

I've put it in my big list of desires for the terminal app - Terminal app feedback/improvement ideas