Terminal Application Install Failure

In attempting to run the npm installation script, the procedure fails with an attempt to access emoji.git. Problem doesn’t appear to be local, but rather is related to a missing resource on the server side (though perhaps I’m wrong about this, and I’d appreciate not being excoriated or otherwise taken to the digital woodshed in that event).

Ubuntu 19.10
I do not have any way of finding the version number of an application that cannot be installed, then run for the purposes of getting a version number. Additionally, I have no way of knowing if the install script is versioned and, if so, what its version number might be. Installation error is current as of July 17, 2020.



I would appreciate if you'd post the output you got on the terminal while trying to install Joplin.

Also a somewhat unrelated side-question: Is there a particular reason that you have not upgraded to Ubuntu 20.04 (the support for Ubuntu 19.10 ends this month)?

Here’s the output:

Please install git on your system. (sudo apt install git).

Installed git. That moved the procedure along, but am now encountering this:

As for Ubuntu 19.10 and not having upgraded yet, it’s really just a matter of being on a metered connection and not wanting to spare the data to perform the upgrade (as well as not wanting to risk doing a live upgrade, having had a very bad experience, back in 2012, that essentially destroyed my entire filesystem). Now that I think of it, I suppose I could use my unlimited Android data to download the full installer for 20.04 to my phone, then transfer it to the PC and do the upgrade in that way.

Or you could use your phone to tether.

I do tether with USB, but that data gets counted as hotspot data and isn’t unlimited on my phone plan. Hotspot is 15gb / month, but mobile data is unlimited. Essentially, my phone hotspot is the metered connection I mentioned.

Wow, ok. It seems Canada is not the only country with the most stupid and expensive phone plans.

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The keytar node module has a requirement for libsecret1 in Linux. When you install that on your Linux box you should be fine.

sudo apt-get install libsecret-1-dev

lol, i could reverse that statement and say: it seems the US isn’t the only country with ridiculous phone plans!

YES, hooray! Thank you, that did the trick. :slight_smile:

That’s strange because keytar is actually disabled, so normally its dependencies shouldn’t be needed. I’ve disabled it indeed because it doesn’t build properly.

Also why do you post screenshots of your error messages? Wouldn’t be easier to copy and paste the text? At least for us it would be easier to read, especially on mobile.

You know, I’m just going to quit the internet. Everything I do seems to offend someone in some way or other, and I’m really tired of being picked on. I like your application. It’s well designed and seems to function well. I had wanted a replacement for Evernote for several years, and this is honestly the best I’ve ever seen.

I wanted to install the terminal version to use the application on a very old and underpowered laptop. That’s it. I didn’t anticipate being taken to task for having used screenshots to show errors processions rather than copying and pasting text from one PC to another and then inserting the self-same text into a forum topic response (I was not using the laptop on which the errors were being generated to write my replies in the forum). I could have done one or the other, I guess, it’s no difference to me but apparently it is for you. Next time I’d just give you the text so as to avoid a trip to the digital woodshed. Likely, though, there will probably not be a next time because I just won’t use the forum in the future. I don’t feel expert enough to ask for help here, and if I can’t figure something out then I guess I’ll just let whatever it is go.

Beautiful application, Laurent. I do honestly mean that. Well designed, smooth experience, and just very professional overall.

As for me, it’s been an awful week and I’m just done. I quit. /self-pitying_rant