How to install the new version?

Installation problem. What to do ?

deb:#npm -g install ./Joplin-2.6.10.AppImage 
npm ERR! code ENOTDIR
npm ERR! syscall open
npm ERR! path /home/simon/zaloopa/new/Joplin-2.6.10.AppImage/package.json
npm ERR! errno -20
npm ERR! ENOTDIR: not a directory, open '/home/simon/zaloopa/new/Joplin-2.6.10.AppImage/package.json'

npm ERR! A complete log of this run can be found in:
npm ERR!     /home/simon/.npm/_logs/2022-01-26T10_37_18_401Z-debug-0.log

2022-01-26T10_37_18_401Z-debug-0.log (2.5 KB)

I don't quite follow what you are trying to do here? Where did npm -g install ./Joplin-2.6.10.AppImage come from?

Trying to run as before ./Joplin.App
It doesn't work, it asks for an application to open the file
And then I read this and tried
Thank you

That instruction is for the terminal app only, it won't work for the appimage as it isn't a node package.
You should just be able to run an appimage natively on your OS.

Just expanding Daeraxa's response:

if you need a regular version of Joplin, could you try just running the .AppImage file. This way ./Joplin-2.6.10.AppImage

If it doesn't work, make sure you've set permissions to execute the file.

Also, to correctly "install" Joplin you can use the next script:

wget -O - | bash

Thanks a lot for your answer
I completely forgot what to do
chmod +x ./Joplin
Everything started great
Thank you

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