Terminal App Install Error - Node Problem?


Joplin Version: 1.0.165
npm Version: 6.14.6
node Version: v13.12.0
OS: Linux, Ubuntu 20.04 x86_64


Cannot install joplin’s terminal app. The desktop GUI app works.
Install fails with: Illegal instruction (core dumped) once it gets to the node-emoji module.
See attached file for log of install.joplininstallfail (71.6 KB)

What is your kernel version( Run uname -r in the terminal)?
Also I’d recommend using the LTS version of node.

Kernel is 5.4.0-40-generic. I don’t expect this is kernel related.
I think I updated npm or node somewhere along the way in efforts to fix my problem. If switching back to LTS should fix this, how do I do that?

How is it the same problem if yours fails with that message? Mine simply fails with “Illegal Instruction (core dumped)”

The app works on another x86_64 machine. I’m thinking about copying everything about nodejs, npm, and Joplin from one to the other, exactly. I just don’t know where I should find all the files, configs, etc. I can use find myself but I’d be guessing and might risk missing something. Can someone tell me what to copy?

That depends on how you installed it. If you used apt then use it (or Synaptic if you prefer that)
If you installed it by downloading the binary from the node.js website, then remove that folder, extract the LTS version and update your PATH. Also get rid of ~/.npm/ and ~/.npmrc for good measure.

I can’t be sure but it is a core dump, which is a pretty bad error to get. It is also possible you have conflicting versions of node and npm installed. So maybe get rid of all versions of node and npm installed.

Things like this almost never work. I wouldn’t recommend it.

Oh it’s obviously not the same problem at all. I will delete my comment, having had no wish to cause offence. Many apologies for the inconvenience.