Terminal App: edit multiple notes simultaneously


I am trying Joplin to transition from Evernote, and so far really like it! The only thing I missed so far is the ability to edit multiple notes at once (in the Terminal Application). Have I missed something or is this simply a feature that is currently not supported?




You mean, to delete several notes in a raw, or add/remove tags to several ones, move several notes from / to another folder ?

No, I meant having multiple notes open for editing at the same time.

Any idea how this should work in text ui?
:edit Note1, Note2 is probably ok, but awkward

I could see this working by simply launching multiple joplin instances, e.g. through two terminal tabs. I was under the impression that launching multiple instance today will cause data consistency problems, though, and therefore looked for an alternative option. Have I maybe missed something here?

@hfink you can start multiple instances of the CLI client, while the GUI (and mobile) clients are limited to one instance at a time.
You could run into consistency problems when working on the same note in several instances.

@tessus thanks for the pointer, since my need is to edit a different note in a separate terminal window every now and then, starting a second joplin instance does cover that pretty well. I feel confident enough now to finally give up my Evernote account :slight_smile:

on the consistency problems you mentioned: if synchronisation is set up (e.g. via dropbox), how is editing the same note with two local joplin instances different from editing the same note across multiple devices? I would expect some form of conflict resolution (e.g. keeping a copy of the conflicting version).

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It is not different. It is just more likely that you will run into a conflict. That’s all.

In any case, if there’s a conflict, Joplin will create a folder Conflicts and add the note there.

I too want to open multiple notes simultaneously and edit them in the terminal app. Using multiple instances of the app is not an easy solution. I often end up opening the same file in another instance also and I am afraid I might run into consistency problems.

Is there any other way to open multiple notes from the same instance of the terminal app?


I tried to set my terminal editor to gvim and edit a note and while that editor is still open, move to another note in the terminal ui (the gvim is still on-screen) and edit that one. gvim reports that the temporary file is gone when trying to open a second gvim instance. Something in the background is presuming that I have finished editing the first note as I open a second note and close the temporary file of the first note. I have no idea how the engine works in the background, but if the temporary files would stay when moving to a different note I guess I could edit as many notes simultaneously visible on-screen as I would like. I would have to be happy with markdown only, but in many cases I would.