Templates and tab placeholders

Would it be possible to create templates that have tab placeholders that can be used? See https://code.visualstudio.com/docs/editor/userdefinedsnippets#_snippet-syntax for reference.

I’m fairly certain that this would not be a small feature but I think that it would really give templates a huge value boost because you can quickly create a template and tab through it to fill out information. For instance, you can have a recipe template that you can quickly tab to the next section to complete. I also could see this being popular if you are wanting to keep meeting notes with clients or things like that.

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Would it be sufficient to have the same functionality in a form? So for example, when you create a note from template, you would be prompted about each of those 5 categories?

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That would work. I imagine that an implementation like that would be far easier than trying to change the markdown editor itself.

Would it be better to have this as a setting to be enabled or for it to automatically be enabled depending on the contents of the template?

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I think just enabling it depending on the contents of the markdown would work.

This is still not a minor change, so it might be awhile before there is any progress on it. But I would like to do something like this at some point.

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@CalebJohn I didn’t think it would be anything that is implemented soon but I was hoping that it would make it on a roadmap for Joplin. I appreciate that you are at considering this!