Taskpaper format

It would be very helpful if the taskpaper format could be used in Joplin for task lists. This would at the same time bring the taskpaper format to non Apple platforms.

Is there any spec for the taxpaper format?

This is the original app

and this the site/forum of the devloper @jessegrosjean:

The format is adopted for task list is several iOS apps like Editorial and 1Writer and compatibel with leading productivity apps like Omnifocus, bur not readily available on android or Windows. Which is a pity since it works like a charm. :smiley:It would probably delight many mac owners who are struggling with their windows machine at work n illegally running Joplin on those to be able to get work done....

Looks like org-mode with a nicer UI

I think org mode is the emacs productivity implementation using this format? But never used that.

I’m not sure if it’s exactly the same format as org-mode but looks close enough.
But to be fair I’m not an org-mode user – there are no good mobile apps as far as I’m aware which is a dealbreaker for me.