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Hi there,
As a long time Joplin user, I would love to know what folks in here use for tasks/todos. I like the simplicity and cross-platform availability of Joplin (also full marks for open source), but I'm yet to find a todo app (maybe todoist) that hits the sweet spot for me in terms of visual appeal and minimal features - is there even one? Or should I be improving my workflow instead of looking for the perfect app?


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I'm still a great fan of the Wunderlist app - even years after it became part of big, bad Microsoft and was rebranded as MS ToDo: IMHO it's got just the "visual appeal and minimal features" you're looking for.

If Joplin became more mobile-friendly (swiping gestures and the like) I'd be happy to give it a second try - not only as my standard notes app (which it still is), but as my todo app as well. Evernote always tried to be both, but becomes unwieldy when you use it for both purposes, even after the relaunch as an app for collaborative project management (if you pay for premium - without being in control of your own data). With Microsoft you aren't in control as well of course :frowning_face:


I'm a big fan of Todoist


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Thanks for the MS todo recommendation - looks very clean and appealing. Agree that with Microsoft you really aren't in control of your data

@Kai which app do you use for todo.txt on mobile? How is your data synced?

I use Sleek for the desktop and Simpletask for my mobile. Both sync via Dropbox, are FOSS and are supported very nicely in Github. I also synced with Webdav for a while, but somehow Dropbox feels quicker/more reliable.

PS - there is also an app called "todo.txt" for Android which is similar & nice, but not FOSS.


If you're interested in Simpletask, it might be easier to check the Github page (GitHub - mpcjanssen/simpletask-android) or F-Droid, since not all versions are available in Playstore. I think I got the Dropbox version directly from his own webpage master.


I've been using for many years now. It can be simple but powerful with it's options to make tasks or subtasks recur or remind you. The design is pretty optimal- there's even some markdown support and you have a lot of sync options.

I use Nirvana, which is specifically designed to work with the "Getting Things Done" (GTD) system of organising tasks into next actions, projects, waiting for lists, ... (there is an old but successful book on organising, called GTD describing this).

Nirvana is fast, convenient, syncs PC and phone, sleek. And I try to follow the GTD system so t's ideal for that.

Joplin is perfect for the GTD system as my "Archive" of information, for text notes.

Todoist, Joplin, and Nextcloud Deck

Joplin only. I use a tag '!current' and a tag 'open'. Inside the note I use checkboxes and a red emoji ball at sections that still need to be done.

Oh, and also some analog stuff that doesn't need power: pen & paper (recycled correspondence)


I use Joplin for week-to-week/month-to-month lists, and have a "Completed" sub notebook/folder that I move a week or month's note out to when it is done. I'm using Rich Markdown plugin and tweaked my CSS to space out things around headers, etc, for a very clean, easy to look at list. I'm also using Folding in Code Mirror Editor plugin.

I use Asana (free tier) for project to-do lists that involve collaboration with other people, and my "travel checklist" - easy to duplicate the template project and run through when packing, and syncs well with phone (much better than Joplin manages the sync). Manages a lot of details, sorted well into sections, tasks, and subtasks.

I still like Joplin for it's cleanness, not having to enter "into" a task, etc - that's why I use it for the day-to-day stuff. But it gets busy with added notes throughout the week, which is why starting a new list once a week is so helpful.

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Hi Naveen, if you are interested in a FOSS option, the Super Productivity is always my priority recommendation. It's a PWA, so you can use it on almost all devices. One of my favorite features is it supports the Markdown format for task descriptions and project notes. You will find out more awesome features which MS Todo doesn't have, but overall, while it's great for personal task management, it's not a good option for collaboration.

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Sounds really good from the description on GitHub, but unfortunately there's no support for iOS/iPadOS (only a "very early" Android app). Let's wish the project all the best!

I'm not sure if the app store version is only for MacOS, but you can still use/install the web version on IPAD and IOS. :thinking:

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