Tag-Tree -- unified notes management proposal

Problems of Current Notebook-SubNotebook system

  • My Joplin notes status, as of 2022.0530_10.52am is:
    Note: 2057/2057
    Folder: 431/431
    Resource: 2050/2050
    Tag: 5/5
    NoteTag: 7/7
    MasterKey: 0/0
    Revision: 1756/1756
    Total: 6306/6306

When there are huge numbers of Notebooks/sub-notebooks, say 2057 of them with two or more sub-Levels:

  1. It will have some cases which is very difficult to locate a sub-notebook if you forget the exact location or spelling if it, as there is no search function for notebooks or sub-notebooks,

  2. For the same reason, changing a note from one sub-notebook to another will be very difficult if they are far apart and you forget the exact location or the exact name of the target sub-notebook, pls. see the screen capture below:


1. Add search function for sub-notebooks

2. enhance the tag system

  • keep existing notebook, sub-notebook, but enhance current tag system with:

    • tag browse
    • tag link up (just like linking a parent notebook)
    • tag link down (just like linking a sub-notebook)
  • Add tag search function for "New tag"

  • Access Tags in the same way as sub-notebooks

3. Convert notebook and sub-notebook names as tags with link up and link down relationship

If you like this "Tag-Tree", pls. give your vote
or give your comments


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For desktop application, it is easy to search the notebook or tag. You can search for notebook only with Ctrl-P or Cmd+P,and type @ followed by a notebook name. For more details, please refer to the wiki: Joplin - an open source note taking and to-do application with synchronisation capabilities. You can also search for tags with #.

But for mobile application, I have no idea.

Thanks SeptemberHX!

For the Joplin Desktop version,
I noted that ctrl-P could let me search notes with its folder-tree being shown, see the screen capture below:

-> then I must write down the folder path manually,
otherwise I will directly go to that note after I click on it, then I will be got lost again

so it will be great if my proposed Tag-Tree system be implemented in the future Joplin version for both the Desktop version and Android version.

I'm struggling to really understand but is this 'tag-tree' the same as the concept of hierarchical tags? If so then you should have a search if the forum as this has a history where it was previously implemented but there were various issues with it so it got reverted.

Not Really!
"hierarchical tags" is just part of the "Tag-Tree" system

The most important part is the in-capabilities of the Notebook-sub-notebook system of the Joplin Android, while there are a large portion of time, I am using Joplin Android -- I believe, most of the Joplin users the same as me.

These make using Joplin Android very very inconvenient!

Two major problems, I am facing for the Joplin Android version:
(a) no search functions for the notebooks
-- accessing old notebooks not used for a long-time seems NOT possible on-the-go, until you remember their exact name and location, or you go back office and try searching them.

(b) cannot create sub-notebooks -- I have to create a root-level notebook first, then sometimes later, when I go back office, and use the Joplin Desktop to re-organize them back to a appropriate root-level notebook or sub-notebook.

If the "Tag-Tree" system is reluctant to implement, I would like to request to implement the above two functions first.

Thanks for great efforts of the Joplin team so far!