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o.k. read the hint but I'm not quite sure if it's just me because I'm new to Joplin.

For years I searched for a fitting notes software and by accident I stumbled across Joplin and I am really happy now. But there is something I must do wrong because the look of tables is different between the combined view of markdown and preview and the editor view.

In the editor view there's a dashed line around each cell and therefore around the whole table.

But in the combined view the preview on the right shows something quite different and IMHO better and more as I expected.

Is there a setting I missed or is it a bug, or whatever?

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Hmm, yes I've never paid attention to that but looks like it's always been like this. It should indeed be continuous lines instead.

In the last hours it tried many things but it seemed that the MCE overrides all settings in userstyle.css dynamically.

This is the line and css code that applies to this table.


When the table is marked for editin and framed by a thicker border the css is that.

In userstyle.css I tried different things and currently it is the following.

I really don't know how to convince the MCE not to ignore my own style for the tables.

Perhaps I've to put it into userchrome.css? :thinking:

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Ok, was just a whim. It does nothing to put the code in userchrome.css.

:blush: That was all me and it seems nobody saw it. :wink:

That's the problem with being a newbie at Joplin with that different views. I just switched between MCE and split view but never in just the reading view. In reading view all is as it should be.

I just found the right button a view minutes ago. :crazy_face:

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You're not alone, I just came here to investigate the same issue. In the week or so I've been using Joplin, I have fallen in love but I do have some minor issues. One of my primary gripes is the what to me are counterintuitive toggles/buttons. As it is currently, the view and editor are controlled by the layout button and the editor toggle respectively.

The Layout Button
Hovering over the layout button reveals the tool tip "Toggle editor layout". The button does just that although I would reword the tool tip read "cycle between views defined by the View\Layout Button Sequence setting". as toggle to me suggests 2 positions. The option under View/Layout Button Sequence allows you choose to have the layout button rotate between any of 4 sequences:

  1. Editor/Viewer/Split View
  2. Editor/Viewer
  3. Editor/Split View
  4. Viewer/Split View

The Editor Toggle
Hovering over the editor toggle reveals the tool tip "toggle editors". That is not what this toggle does. In fact, it toggles between
A. WYSIWYG aka Rich Text Editor
B. The function selected by the layout button.

The problems:

  1. The editor toggle is mislabeled
  2. The editor toggle is about 3x the size of the layout button and, in my opinion, about 1/20th as useful. That is I use the layout button about 20x more frequently than the editor toggle.

My proposed solution:

  1. The layout button should become more prominent and take the position currently occupied by the editor toggle.
  2. The editor toggle should become the viewer toggle and allow you to switch between a rich text editor and the standard viewer.
  3. The viewer toggle should only be visible in viewer view.
  4. The viewer toggle should not grey out the layout button.

I am sorry, but I have to disagree.

The editor button toggles between the 2 editors (WYSIWYG / markdown).
The layout button changes the layout of the markdown editor.

Just because the layout of the markdown editor is remembered does not mean the term toggle editor is wrong.

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