Sync failure with big attachment

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Sync failure with big attachment,every time I start sync, it shows: Created remote items:1, and after some time,it shows:cancelling.

Next time when i restart joplin, it repeats above procesure.

Suggestion: pls tell use the max file size for attachment, and reject to upload files bigger than allowed and tell users. stop trying upload after several times of failure and tell users.

@elead welcome to the forum.

This merged PR of June 2020 adds a method to overcome OneDrive's 4MB small file limit which used to cause problems for users syncing to OneDrive.

I do not know what method the contributor used but OneDrive's maximum file size using an upload session is apparently 250GB, which I guess you are not doing from an Android device.

I cannot find anywhere that there is an upload limit other than that imposed by Microsoft.

I realise that this is the point you are making with your post but how big is the file you are trying to upload?