Error when synchronizing_the maximum request length supported is 4 MB


Joplin 1.0.195 (prod. win32)

I encountered a problem when trying to synchronising. It shows an error saying the maximum request length supported is 4 MB. I did attach some pdf files to my notes. Does it mean the PDF file exceeds the limit? I think I removed all pdf files after seeing this error but the error persists after my action. Anybody can help to explain? Thanks!

You can sync your desktop app to the Filesystem to your Onedrive directory but it probably won’t help with the mobile app at all.


Hi. I have the same problem. I have uploaded some Pictures which were bigger than 4MB and after this error message i deleted this entry in the app but now this error message comes every time and doesnt sync.
Is there a way to make a new clean sync from server?