Syncing empty database

I am playing with Joplin on Windows by exporting and deleting notes from .enex files.
My purpose in knowing it better before jumping from Evernote.
But! Now I have a clean database (0 notes) after I deleted all notes, but it is still syncing with my online storage. It is creating many files (around 5000).

Do you know what it does mean? How can I return a clean database without 5000 files in my online storage?

This is a syncing status for the moment:

    [Export debug report](#)
    ## Attachments
    Not downloaded: 0
    Downloading: 0
    Downloaded and decrypted: 0
    Downloaded and encrypted: 0
    Error: 0

    ## Sync status (synced items / total items)
    Note: 300/0
    Folder: 0/0
    Resource: 1773/2156
    Tag: 0/182
    NoteTag: 0/2661
    MasterKey: 0/2
    Revision: 0/174
    Total: 2073/5175
    Conflicted: 0
    To delete: 561

Joplin retains some metadata even if you delete all the notes, and in particular it keeps the resources for a certain time so that you can restore via the Note History feature, if you need to. It also keep the note revisions. This can be configured in the note history settings.

But also there's an unfortunate bug which means in some cases resources aren't delete at all. In that case, you can still manually delete them from the resource screen.

Sorry for my ignorance. "Resource screen" is an unknown term for me. Where can I find it? How can I delete all databases? Should I delete that in the Joplin folder in Windows and the Joplin folder in Drive? Or should I do something else? I wanted to start from a clean base after I finish playing and setting up everything.

To start clean, the simplest way is to delete everything on your sync target, then delete your local profile and set everything up again. What I call the resource screen would be under the menu Tools => Attachment List

delete everything on your sync target

So I should go to my Cloud and delete the Joplin folder?

then delete your local profile

This a little unclean, local profile? I installed the app, but I didn't create a profile.

I tried to delete everything from the Cloud, and now it 1Gb lighter. I deleted Joplin in Windows, deleted the Joplin folder in AppData. But after installing it back, it still has thousands of attachments, remember my credentials to Cloud, my encryption key.

What did I do wrong?

  1. Close Joplin
  2. Delete everything on your sync target
  3. Delete %userprofile%\.config\joplin-desktop
  4. Start Joplin

Now you have a clean sync target and local folder and Joplin will start "empty"

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Thank you, it works! Do you know what behaviour I should avoid in my work with Joplin to prevent Joplin from accumulating attachments from deleted notes?

Because I delete notes sometimes, it is life. So how can I clean the database of unnecessary encrypted attachments?