Synchronization of revisions

I did a check of sync status and noticed that the number of revisions is different on some clients.

All clients is set to use note history of 90 days (some of them has been set to 30 before).

Clients sync to Nextcloud.

This is my results when comparing revisions on the sync status dialogue:

Linux: 1243/1243
W10: 449/449
Android: 1243/1243
IOS: 443/443

Notes and attachments are in perfect sync on all devices, but as shown above revisions are different. Should my revisions not be the same on all devices as well?

Thanks for all help.


Yes, at one point the will be, or at least the should.

The note history timeframe setting is global. So, if you have 2 devices and one is set to 30 and the other to 90, you end up with revisions for 30 days on both devices.

@laurent did I miss anything in my explanation?