Synchronization of file systems and sharing files.


Context: Using Joplin Desktop on multiple Windows devices, syncing from a shared folder.
Issue: The system works well, except for images, file links, and anything that isn't markdown or a web URL.

Requested Feature: The ability to modify the resource folder (~/.config/joplin-desktop/resources). Currently, when adding an image, it creates a link on the local file system, making it inaccessible to other users. If we could change the resource folder to a shared location for all users, it would address this issue.

I've noticed that we're not the first to encounter problems with file system sync, and this feature would be a solution for files uploaded in notes through file system sync.

Best regards, and thank you for the excellent product.

This only occurs if you press the ALT key when dragging and dropping a file onto a note or if you specifically create a link to a file using file:///.

If you just drag and drop or use the attach file button, Joplin will create a copy of that file in the local resources folder and link it to the note using the format [filename](:/6ab82c0088284d989356e72aaa0e7744). That file in resources will get synced to the resources folder on the sync target and will be available to all clients.

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